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Maintaining leather shoes & bags

Fred de la Bretoniere collections mostly consist of unfinished leather products. Leather is a tanned animal skin. Just like our own skin, leather is preserved best when it's well cared for. Impregnation, care and cleaning are three key factors in the maintenance of our leather products. They ensure that the products stay looking beautiful and well cared for in the long term. You’ve got to take care of the important things in life; this also applies to Fred de la Bretoniere products!


About our care products

We offer leather products from different brands on our webshop for you to clean, care and nourish your shoes, bags and other leather products

DFNS Footwear products

All DFNS products are made possible by Airopack, an innovative technology that's better for you and the earth. First of all, 75% of DFNS bottles are made from recycled PET bottles. Secondly, Airopack bottles contain compressed air instead of gases, so when you spray the product, the only thing that comes out is the product itself.

DFNS Footwear protector
De DFNS Footwear protector uses an innovative process to repel dirt and liquids. It works on all types of shoe materials; after use, the water rolls off the shoes. Tiny particles penetrate the surface of the shoe and cover every individual fibre. The result is a waterproof shoe that lets your foot breathe. The DFNS Footwear protector can be used with all types of leather and provides your shoes with an excellent protective layer. 

DFNS Footwear refresher
Each bottle of DFNS Footwear refresher has a special formula containing billions of active probiotics (bacteria). They work together like microscopic superheroes to keep your shoes fresh and eliminate bad odours. The product is also non-toxic, water-based and biodegradable. This Footwear refresher is suitable for use with all types of leather.

DFNS Footwear cleaner gel
This subtle but effective water-based gel is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. It has an innovative blend of ingredients to remove dirt from fibres mechanically without damaging the shoe material or water-repellent coating. You can use this cleaner gel while caring for smooth leathers such as textured leather, nubuck and patent leather. 


Some general tips from our knowledgeable store employees can be found below. These tips can be used regardless of the leather type of the shoes or bags.

  1. Never accessorise dark or black jeans with a light suede bag. The dye from the jeans can stain the suede.
  2. In snowy or very rainy weather, we advise you to treat your shoes more regularly.
  3. We advise you to always loosen your laces when taking off your shoes, so you can keep your shoes in perfect condition.
  4. Always use a shoehorn when putting on shoes or boots. This tool makes it easier to get into your shoes/boots and protects the lining and heel reinforcement (contrefort).
  5. Did you buy summer espadrilles? You can inject the rope sole with Wax Leather Spray to prevent the sole from ‘spreading’.