Do you have a question? It might be included in the top 10 FAQs. If it isn’t, please check our contact details and call us or send us an email.

I have seen a Fred de la Bretoniere bag or shoes in the shop, but you don’t sell it via your website; why is that?
In our webshop we only sell the collection that we also carry in our own Fred de la Bretoniere and Shabbies Amsterdam stores. You may have seen the shoes or bag in another store that sells our footwear and accessories. These sometimes sell a different collection from the one we sell in our own stores. Our website gives you a list of stores and webshops that also carry our footwear and accessories.

What is the difference between ordering with and without an account?
If you create an account your details are registered with us, so that when you place a new order you won’t need to fill out all the information again. If you order without an account we will only use your details for handling that one order. Even if you don’t create an account, we do send you a user name and a password via email. You may choose not to do anything with these, but we still offer them so that you can follow your order status even without creating an account.

Which countries do you ship to?
At this point you can only order products from our webshop if you live in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. Do you live in another country and would you like to order one or our products? At the moment it isn't possible to order from other countries, we hope to help you with this in the near future.

What is the delivery time?
The delivery time is 2-5 working days, you will receive a track & trace code after your order is shipped. 

What should I do if I entered the wrong address when I placed my order?
If the order is still being processed, which you can check in ‘my orders’ in your account, please contact as soon as possible. We will then change the address for you.
When the order has the status 'complete' it isn't possible to change the address. You can contact DHL to change your address when your package isn't delivered. 

How can I check the status of my webshop order?
To check the status, go to My Account. Here you can enter your user name and password. Then go to your personal details. Under the header ‘my order’ you can check the status of the order. If you chose not to create an account, you can log in with the details we sent you and still check the status of your order.
If it reads that your order is being processed, this means that our webshop staff still has to handle the order.
If it reads ‘order picked’ our webshop staff have received the order and the order is being prepared for shipment.
If it reads ‘shipped’ you will receive an email about the shipment. Via the track&trace code that DHL will send to you, you can trace you parcel.

I would like to know how to maintain my bag or shoes; who can I ask?
Please send an email to If you include the article number on the box, our people will be able to tell you what is the best way to treat your product.

I recently ordered a pair of shoes, but there is something wrong with them. Who should I tell?
First check ‘complaints and warranty’ where we tell you about the rules we apply at Fred de la Bretoniere. If you would like to lodge a complaint or if you have a question about our warranty that is not answered there, please send an email to Please clearly specify the article number and, if you can, include some pictures so that our people can better judge the problem. When you didn't order the items at one of our stores please contact the store of purchase first. 

How can I return a product?

You can return a product that you ordered online via DHL or one of our Fred de la Bretoniere stores. If you ordered online, please report your return order to DHL via this hyperlink: You can state whether you wish DHL to come and pick up the parcel from your home or whether you wish to hand it in at a DHL servicepoint near you. You can look up the servicepoints near you via the same hyperlink.

You can also return or exchange your order in one of the Fred de la Bretoniere stores. Please make sure you have the return receipt with you so that we have your details and order number and will be able to pay back the money to your account. For more information go to exchange and return.
Germany and other countries
If you ordered a product online, you can return it by bringing the parcel to a post office near you. Before you go to the post office, please send us an email and note that you want to return your package. We will contact DHL to arrange a PickUp for you. This way, you won't need to pay postage.

If you wish to return a product, please clearly fill out the form that you can find in the box in which it was delivered. Part of it has already been filled in by us, so you will only need to complete your own details. Send an email to including the remark that you wish to report a return shipment, stating your order number (which you can find in the confirmation email). We will then send you a phone number that you can call to contact DHL to make a personal pick-up appointment. Please note: you won't have to pay the costs of the return shipment at that point as we will deduct it from the amount to be paid back to you. 
How long will a refund via IDEAL, PayPal or credit card take?
You will receive the refund within 14 days after your return provided that the package has been received by us.