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At Fred de la Bretoniere we want to create a world where we all make sensible choices and where we are aware of the impact of our actions. Because it’s the actions that matter.
We believe in creating a better and greener world by designing fashionable shoes and bags with an extended longevity whilst taking all facets of this process into account. We take caring for our environment very serious and want to do this thoroughly by taking it step by step. Creating a better and healthier world for all generations to come.

What do we do right now?

1. We focus on maintenance; extending the longevity of our products
Our luxury leather items are made of high quality leathers and we are a firm believer that quality wins it over quantity; quality always endures. By focusing on quality at the start of the process we can extend the longevity and durability of our products. Moreover: with the right maintenance, our products will last for years, sometimes even a lifetime. They are worn, cherished and sometimes even passed on with love keeping our products in use and out of the waste system as long as possible. Check our maintenance page for info and tips on how to maintain our products in the best possible way.

3. We work with tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group
The majority of our products are made from leather which is obtained from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). Formed in April 2005, the Leather Working Group is a group of brands, retailers, product manufacturers, chemical suppliers and technical experts that have worked together to develop an environmental stewardship protocol specifically for the leather manufacturing industry. Together with the factories we work with we ensure the craft of tanning becomes increasingly ecological friendly.

2. We use our #NOWASTELEATHERPROGRAM to use up leftover leathers
The #NOWASTELEATHERPGROGRAM is one of our main strategies towards being a more sustainable company in which we produce all kinds of items from leftover shoe and or bag parts. It is our goal not to waste any of our precious and valued hides. We design and produce mostly small accessories in this range as leftover parts are usually the smaller parts. Keep an eye on our accessory page to keep track of the latest news or subscribe to our newsletter.  

Next steps
We are constantly thinking about on how to improve our work processes and on how to either reduce or neutralize our CO2 emissions. There are lots of steps yet to be made and there is always room for improvement but we care enough to really want to make a difference. We look closely at our production and supply chain and really listen to our employers, suppliers and relations. At this moment we are re-evaluating our packaging strategy. From shoebox, deliveries to all other packaging.

Join us in creating a better world; step by step!