Metallic leather

Metallic, pony and velvet

Occasionally, Fred de la Bretoniere shoes or bags use metallic, pony or velvet. To treat these leathers optimally, you should follow two steps:

  1. Impregnation with DFNS Footwear protector
    It’s important to spray metallic, pony and velvet shoes regularly with a protective spray. By using DFNS Footwear protector, you can keep your shoes waterproof and dirt-repellent. Tiny particles penetrate the surface of the shoe and cover every individual fibre. The result is a waterproof shoe that lets your foot breathe. We advise you to spray your shoes and bags every two to three weeks.
  2. Refreshing with DFNS Footwear refresher
    If your shoes need freshening up, then you should use DFNS Footwear refresher. This product has a special formula containing billions of active probiotics (bacteria) that work together to eliminate unpleasant odours from your shoes. The product is also non-toxic, water-based and completely biodegradable.

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