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Tips for the perfect 
fitting shaft boots  

Fred de la Bretoniere LaarsFred de la Bretoniere Laars

Everything you need to know about shaft boots

Shaft boots are often beautiful, but can be difficult to wear. If you would like to wear shaft boots or already have a pair that you don't often wear because they are difficult to put on, here are some tips for you to make them easier to wear.


Shaft boots: what are they exactly?

A shaft boot is a boot without a zipper, where the top (or shaft) of the boot is suitable for your calf to comfortably sit in. This can be either a high boot or a low boot. Sometimes it can be difficult to get your foot in the boot, but there are ways to make this easier.



How do you determine your shaft size?

To determine the shaft size, you can follow these steps:

1.      Measure the shaft height with a flexible tape measure. Do this by measuring from the top of the heel to the highest point of the boot. It doesn't matter how high the heel is.

2.      Measure the shaft width, or circumference, of the boot. Do this by measuring the widest part of the boot and both calves. Make sure to also take into account any elastic fabric and lining that may affect the shaft width.

3.      When you know both the shaft height and width, you can more easily determine whether a particular shaft boot will fit you. At Fred de la Bretoniere, the height and width of the boots are listed to make it easier to determine whether they will fit you.

Putting on shaft boots: a few tips

If you've found your shaft boots, it's time to put them on. But sometimes that's easier said than done. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help make it easier to get your boots on.


Tip 1: Use a shoe horn

If you have a shoe horn at home, that's the way to get your shaft boots on more easily. You place the horn in the shoe and use it as a slide for your foot. This works best with a smooth pantyhose. In addition, you protect the back of your boots by not stamping them flat, which can help you enjoy your boots for even longer.

Tip 2: Use a plastic bag

A plastic sandwich or pedal bin bag can also help you get your shaft boots on more easily. Put the bag under your foot when you pull on the boot, and pull it out from under when you are in the boot. If that doesn't work, you can also put the bag around your foot, but then the bag will be in the boot when you have them on. This may not be a problem at first, but eventually you may not want to use the bag anymore.

How leather boots fit over time

If you wear leather boots, you will notice that they fit the shape of your foot over time. This is because leather shapes itself to the shape of your foot as you wear the boots more. This means that your leather boots will also "break in" while you wear them, which will cause the shaft of the boot to better conform to your foot with each step you take. So if you have leather boots, it's important to be patient and take good care of them. They are beautiful, but they require a little extra attention!


Shaft boots that slouch

A sign of a well-fitting and comfortable shaft boot is that they may become slightly looser around your foot over time, which can feel like "slouching." This is a normal characteristic of shaft boots and is necessary to have room to insert your foot. This is not necessary with a tight low boot with a zipper. Keep this in mind when purchasing a new shaft boot!

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