At Fred de la Bretoniere, we make stylish and sustainable products for everyday use. We want to do so in a way that is fair for everyone involved while caring for the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is key to Fred de la Bretoniere. We aim for a greener and more sustainable future for people and the planet, by improving current work processes and by making sensible choices.

We manufacture all Fred de la Bretoniere shoes and bags in Europe exclusively. This way, we reduce our carbon emission significantly, and at the same time, we support the local market. More information about this can be found here. Suppliers, e.g. tanneries or zipper manufacturers, are located near the shoe and bag manufacturers. The finished items are transported to the Netherlands in lorries. Where possible we use direct deliveries from the plant to our resellers. We do not use air transport, neither for production nor for delivery. Because all of this happens within Europe, we can limit the transport to a minimum.

"We do not use air transport, neither for production nor for delivery."

We ask the tanneries we work with to comply with strict rules. Read more about our materials here.

We are always looking for innovative ways of shipping our products. For example, we are looking into the possibility of having all our online orders delivered to a central pick-up point and reduce webshop returns. This will help reduce carbon emission by our package delivery services.

We believe that together we are building a better world. If you have a great suggestion, please drop us a line at